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Our Story

Crosby's Goldendoodles started as a passion for our dogs and has grown into an opportunity for us to share our love for the Goldendoodle breed. From our experiences with owning different breeds of dogs, we truly believe that the Goldendoodle breed has something special to offer. We consider life to be more complete with a dog by our side. The companionship that a dog can offer is unmatched and we have enjoyed our days a little more when we get to come home to our furry friends. As we start our adventure of sharing our passion of the Teddy Bear Goldendoodle with others through breeding, we hope to find some great homes for our very deserving pups!

We have entered the business of breeding the Goldendoodle after much research and growing appreciation for what this special breed has to offer. Two of our mamas are English Cream Golden Retrievers and when bred with a Poodle, the result is a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. The Teddy Bear version of the Goldendoodle are a step up from the average Goldendoodle. We further explain the advantages of using the English Creme Golden Retriever in our "About Goldendoodles" section, but in general we are offering an even better well built, calmer, and family friendly version of the traditional Goldendoodle. We would love for you to see for yourself why one of our puppies is a perfect fit for you.

Our parent dogs are simply the best! With these dogs as parents, our puppies are set up to be the perfect addition to your family.

  • Winter is our female English Cream Retriever. She is an energetic and friendly dog and a fabulous mama to her pups. Her motherly instincts allow her puppies to always feel safe and cared for.

  • Nimby is also an English Cream Retriever and she has been a joy to watch take on her role in raising her pups. Her silky smooth coat and calm demeanor are just some of her best qualities.

  • Autumn is our red Golden Retriever and although she doesn't have some of the benefits of the English Creams, she is one of the most loving dogs we have owned and her rich red color just adds to her beauty.

  • Finley is our newest mama and holds a special place in our hearts. She is the puppy of Winter and our old stud Joe (a black standard poodle) and we have had the joy of watching her grow from day one. With the benefits of being half English Cream Retriever and half poodle, her F1b pups are sure to be some of our cutest yet!

  • Toby is our stud and he is a small but mighty, curly, red Medium Poodle who is a ball of energy and always up for an adventure. His handsome red curls and always loyal personality are some of the characteristics that we love that he passes onto his pups.

The puppies will live with their mama in our family home for the first eight weeks of their lives. She provides them love and comfort as they grow big and strong enough to go to their forever homes. We give each puppy its own color collar to help tell them apart and help in the selection process. Every puppy is micro-chipped, vaccinated, dewormed, dewclaws removed, and comes with a health certificate from a veterinarian. 

Our mission at Crosby's Goldendoodles is to provide you with a happy, healthy, and loving puppy to bring into your home. We aim to share our passion and knowledge about the Goldendoodle breed and to put a smile on your face when you meet your new Goldendoodle puppy for the first time.

We hope to be a part of your Goldendoodle journey!

Christian & Kelsey

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